Respond to Hurtful Statements?

Hurtful statements can derail and/or prolong the collaborative process.  It is a common occurrence which must be addressed immediately in order to stay focused on the main goal of resolving a legal issue.  Below are some general principles for how to handle hurtful statements during a collaborative meeting (or at home). As a party, when a hurtful … Continue reading

Substance Addiction or Abuse and the Family

What should you do if you realize that your spouse or ex-spouse is abusing or addicted to alcohol or drugs? Options for a family in transition are collaborative practices or traditional litigation when substance addiction or abuse is an issue for a family. Both options are discussed below. As long as all parties and children are safe, … Continue reading

Divorce: What are my options?

In thinking about the choices one has when faced with the certainty of divorce, a question that often arises for people is, “Does it really matter how we do it? ”   If  life after divorce is something you are concerned about – (and it often is) –  then there is plenty of reason to be concerned about which legal process you and … Continue reading