Respond to Hurtful Statements?

Hurtful statements can derail and/or prolong the collaborative process.  It is a common occurrence which must be addressed immediately in order to stay focused on the main goal of resolving a legal issue.  Below are some general principles for how to handle hurtful statements during a collaborative meeting (or at home). As a party, when a hurtful … Continue reading

When I find myself in times of trouble…..

   Sometimes I wonder if, because I work in ‘conflict resolution’, people think I have no conflicts in my life.  Or that I know how to stop all conflict.  Oh, how I wish that were true.  😉   I know that sometimes people come to me, whether it’s as a lawyer or a therapist [I’m both] … Continue reading

Collaborative Law…Collaborative Practice…What’s the Difference?

by Theresa Beran Kulat What is Collaborative Law? Collaborative Law is a way for people who have a legal problem to work out a solution, with the help of lawyers, outside of the court system. When these people find lawyers who are willing to participate in settlement negotiations with the express, written condition that if … Continue reading