New Meetup: Collaborative Divorce: Helping Families to Reconstruct Not Destruct

meetup.ics Download this file Way to go Paulette, Olga and Joe !It's on our Calendar.  It's also gone out on our facebook and twitterAny of us on those services, hope you'll share this great news with your own networks.If you haven't liked/followed us yet, well please do!: InJoy! cMr     Collaborative Practice Chicago Divorce Without … Continue reading

When I find myself in times of trouble…..

   Sometimes I wonder if, because I work in ‘conflict resolution’, people think I have no conflicts in my life.  Or that I know how to stop all conflict.  Oh, how I wish that were true.  😉   I know that sometimes people come to me, whether it’s as a lawyer or a therapist [I’m both] … Continue reading