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New Meetup: Collaborative Divorce: Helping Families to Reconstruct Not Destruct

meetup.ics Download this file Way to go Paulette, Olga and Joe !It's on our Calendar.  It's also gone out on our facebook and twitterAny of us on those services, hope you'll share this great news with your own networks.If you haven't liked/followed us yet, well please do!: https://www.facebook.com/cppillinoishttp://twitter.com/CollabPrctcILL InJoy! cMr     Collaborative Practice Chicago Divorce Without … Continue reading

Training/Symposium on Collaborative Law in Civil matters

Our friends at the Global Collaborative Law Council are offering their annual event in August.  Check it out. Training/Symposium on Collaborative Law in Civil Matters from carlMichaelrossi

Why don’t more people use Collaborative Law?

Mr. Zeytoonian is one of the nation’s leading proponents for the use of Collaborative Practice (Law) for resolving various types of disputes. Why don’t more people use Collaborative Law?.

Respond to Hurtful Statements?

Hurtful statements can derail and/or prolong the collaborative process.  It is a common occurrence which must be addressed immediately in order to stay focused on the main goal of resolving a legal issue.  Below are some general principles for how to handle hurtful statements during a collaborative meeting (or at home). As a party, when a hurtful … Continue reading

When I find myself in times of trouble…..

   Sometimes I wonder if, because I work in ‘conflict resolution’, people think I have no conflicts in my life.  Or that I know how to stop all conflict.  Oh, how I wish that were true.  😉   I know that sometimes people come to me, whether it’s as a lawyer or a therapist [I’m both] … Continue reading

Substance Addiction or Abuse and the Family

What should you do if you realize that your spouse or ex-spouse is abusing or addicted to alcohol or drugs? Options for a family in transition are collaborative practices or traditional litigation when substance addiction or abuse is an issue for a family. Both options are discussed below. As long as all parties and children are safe, … Continue reading

Divorce: What are my options?

In thinking about the choices one has when faced with the certainty of divorce, a question that often arises for people is, “Does it really matter how we do it? ”   If  life after divorce is something you are concerned about – (and it often is) –  then there is plenty of reason to be concerned about which legal process you and … Continue reading

Collaborative Law…Collaborative Practice…What’s the Difference?

by Theresa Beran Kulat What is Collaborative Law? Collaborative Law is a way for people who have a legal problem to work out a solution, with the help of lawyers, outside of the court system. When these people find lawyers who are willing to participate in settlement negotiations with the express, written condition that if … Continue reading

Welcome to YOUR blog!

I’ve set this up for the Collaborative Practice Professionals of Illinois so that ALL of our members would have a chance to share their thoughts, wisdom, impressions, advice about Collaborative Practice. Everything from attitudes, to specifics details is ‘appropriate’.  We will want of course only posts that relate to Collaborative Practice… The intent here is … Continue reading